What is Ideah!Box?

Ideah!Box is an online software that allows you to find a great idea and most importantly to structure a business around that idea. Ideah!Box is basically a management software for entrepreneurs.

Below are the steps you will go through in the software.

Generate ideas based on real problems.

It's never about the idea, it's about the problem you're trying to solve. The first step is to view the problem(s) as a scenario and break it down into activities. Activities will enable you to brainstorm and find great ideas.

Idea features are important, but you should classify them.

Some features are really important to transform an idea into a product, others are secondary, and some can flat out wait.

Businesses cannot survive if they don't make money.

Many entrepreneurs use the same approach when it comes to figuring out how they will make money. They copy another company's approach. We think that revenue generation should be an innovative process.

Targeting the right customers is crucial.

You need to sell value to the right customers. Selling to the right people or organizations will accelerate revenue growth.

Business Model

Once you've completed the first 4 steps use them to build your business model.



We believe that Ideah!Box will help anyone who wants to find the next best business idea. We don’t believe that company creation should be based on fads, but rather based solely on problem solving. The bigger the problem the higher the potential return, this is our philosophy and it should be yours as well.

Ideah!Box is a Projectsgogo! software. Projectsgogo aims at providing entrepreneurs and startups with tools they can use to find ideas, structure businesses and operate. Projectsgogo! is a Waxdale Ecosystem Inc. subsidiary.



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